“Oktoberfest Sunday” Features “Bird-Shoot” and “Volksmarsch”

Schuetzen Park Historic Site
“One of Nature’s Fairest Spots”™

21. Sept 2008
Information Release

“Oktoberfest Sunday”
Features “Bird-Shoot” and “Volksmarsch”

The Schuetzen Park Historic Site will host the annual “Oktoberfest Sunday” celebration on Sunday, Sept. 28. Several special events and presentations throughout the day will highlight this traditional German fall festival.

A  “Friendship” breakfast will start the day at 8:30 a.m. in the Jens Lorenzen Pavillion. At 10:00 a “Polka Mass” will be held featuring the music of Lyle Beaver, services being officiated by Father Brian Michlot. Traditional German-style food will be served immediately following the service until 4:30 p.m.  Kurt Boché, the strolling Bavarian yodeler , will entertain during the lunch hours of 11:00-1:00. Beginning at 1:00, the Deutsche Polka Band will entertain for the afternoon.

From 8:00a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  the Mississippi River Ramblers Volkssport Association will conduct a “Volksmarsch”  from Schuetzen Park to Sunderbruch Park and return. Info on the Volksmarsch can be obtained by calling 563-324-2525.

A traditional German “Bird shoot” contest will also be held to test “the eye and hand”.  Dating from the middle ages, contestants will attempt to shoot parts of the giant Imperial “Eagle” from atop a pole with a special low-powered crossbow and lead-weighted “arrows”. For each part successfully shot from the bird,  the contestant will  win a special pin from Germany. The contestant shooting the last remaining part from the bird will be named “King”, or “Queen” of the Bird shoot.  A favorite pastime of the local Turner Societies, Bird shoots have not been held in the Quad Cities in several decades. There is a small charge to participate in this event, however, the chance to win a prize, or title, is unique.
Schuetzen Park is located at 700 Waverly Rd in Davenport. Admission to the Park is free. Meals and refreshments available for purchase on the grounds. More info can be obtained by calling 563-322-5489 or by e-mail SchuetzenPark@aol.com.

The Schützenpark Gilde may also be reached by E-mail: SchuetzenPark@aol.com
3401 Schuetzen Lane Nr. 224
Davenport, IA  52804-4353  U.S.A.
% (563) 499-6789 Cell

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Theresa Stelk of Davenport takes aim with a crossbow at the “Kaiser’s Adler” at the Schuetzen Park Oktoberfest on Sept. 28th. The traditional “bird-shoot” was part of the day’s festivities which included a polka mass, Volksmarch and live German music.

Submitted by Kory Darnall (Photo Courtesy of Schuetzenpark Gilde)
(563) 499-6789

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