A Few Joshua Moments

Julia and I after a big swim in my new squirting-whale pool. (11 months)
A Big Day! It's my first Birthday!
Mommy took me to a Ball Pit on my Birthday. By the time Daddy came home and we had Birthday cake, I was too conked out too enjoy it.
So many cards, from so many nice people!
See everyone, I can walk!
Tante Nicole sent me a neat Doggy puppet named Happy!
Omie and Opa brought me a really nice Tyroler Hut from Austria!
I love animals! Here I'm petting a goat at the Lollipop Zoo. He has 4 horns!
Mommy tells me that Tante Monika would really like this picture. Unfortunately, the pig went back to sleep just as I got there.

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