John Adams Junior High School
1081 New Dover Road
Edison, NJ 08820

Here are some photos from our John Adams and J. P. Stevens Days.
If you know the name of somebody that I haven't listed, please drop me a line

9th Grade Photos

8th Grade (I think!)- Nancy Romanelli, Lori Tausman and Ellen Koehler at the morning Bus Stop
Paula Spack and Lauren Curtis waiting for the bell at John Adams.
Foreground: Kim Padavano & Alexis Malkin
Background: Lori Johnson & Sandy Donini

Dani Sherman (My original caption was something regarding Dani Killing me if I take a photo) Note the feathered hair and the Le SportsSac. Très Chic!
Background: Laura Purcell and ?

Jackie Zimmerman and Kasha (?) in Tesauro's Class.
Oh-la-la sasson!

Laurie Wolke & Lauren Bogad (Amy Kreigsman in the background) (Is that the Jordache look?)

Madame Birkholz's class with Jimmy Cushman and Kristin Holt (is that another sport sac I spy or an imposter?)

Craig Salks arm, Greg Sopher, Stefani Nester, Janey Hou and Lori Tausman's nose.

Steve Freeman, Risa Glass and half of Keith Golden and the back of Jimmy Cushman's head.
(okay, so a photographer I was not!)

Debbie and Sawmill Dahlal (his name always stuck with me!) in Koskubas class.

This was our homeroom class, the last day of school. Michelle Wenzel and Geraldine Placenti.

Tracy Lester and Lori Johnson

Chuck Woerner at lightening speed!

Sharon Kendall (another SportSac???). I think Sharon was sporting the quite popular "Parrot Shirt", but I can't swear to it. (lunch room)

Last Day of School, Adam Stenukinis and Frank DiGiovani

David Levy and Adam Senukinis

David Levy and Adam Stenukinis yucking it up.

David Levy and Adam out Adam, Dave looks pretty serious!

Mr. Bob Statzko and David Levy

Adam Stenukins, Mr. Bob Statzko and Frank DiGiovani