January 2005 Update!
Can you believe it's been 20 years!!!

I have heard from a few 84 graduates and it has been quite fun catching up! Here's a list
of folks I've heard from/of so far and how to get a hold of them. I would love to hear from more of you and if you have a site you'ld like me to add, please drop me a line! Unlike classmates, its FREE!

In Search of...
Scott Lippe is looking for Susan Kaufman. Please drop Scott a line. 7/27/06
Looking for Debbie Gruber. Debbie, if you happen to see this, please send Delores Wade and email. 1/7/05

Elaine Aderente Delphi
Lonnie Bateman
Kate Berger
Jeffrey Bram
Tom Brezenski Delphi
Steve Calavetta

Mike Carbo

Kevin Chang

Lisa Ciccone

Barbara Connors

Lauren Curtis

Mike Daton
Frank DiGiovanni

Rod Endicott
Ellen Fabio
Steve Freeman
Mindy Fried Delphi
Greg Gevas

Greg Gibson

Risa Glass

Bob Grossman

Lisa Hansen
Lisa Harrison

Ellen Herman

Marcy Hersh
Janey Hou
Travis Howell
Beth Juskow
Dana Kaplan
Stacy Kauffman
Bruce Kleiman
Russ Kussner
Andy Lieberman
Ricky Leibowitz
Scott Lippe

Ron Lipson
Ken Kimmel

Michele Madger Delphi
Art Markman
Hayley Melworm
Michelle Messing
Janice Miller
Debbie Mintz
Phil Montero
John Pepe
Debbie Plaskon
Ari Rosenberg
Mike Savin
Lee Schapiro
Debbie Schmaller
Dani Sherman Delphi
Gary Silberman
Andy Simon
Sheri Solomon
Maureen Van Blarcum Delphi
Delores Wade
Paul Weil
Jackie Zimmerman

Remember our Fantastic Jazz Band? (click on image to zoom)

82 Jazz Band

How about that Marching Band?

Strawberry Festival
Buckhannon West Virginia
May 27-31, 1981

Eastern Marching Band Assoc. Championships
Williams Stadium, Elizabeth, NJ
November 15, 1981

Toronto International Music Festival
May 21-24, 1982

The JPS Band also has their own Website. Beware of the pop up windows though.

Remember Hawkeye, our Highschool Newspaper? Who was voted "Best Looking" or "Most Likely to Succeed"? Last Will? What was in the News? Many thanks to Debbie Plaskon for saving our Senior Paper all these years and being kind enough to send it to me! It is now available online. See Hawkeye!
Please note, I used a scanner and OCR software to convert the image files into text ( for faster downloading). I tried to catch the errors the software may have made and tried to recreate the pages in HTML The results are not identical, but hopefully close enough to provide entertainment. :-)

Photos from the the Class of '84's 20th Reunion

Photos from Class of '84's Prom

Photos from the Class of '85's 20th Reunion
(Note: this will take you to another site).


Do any of you remember these days??? Photos from John Adams & JP Stevens Days. Have any photos or memories you'd like to share? Please send to cindy@cazoo.org.

Other Silly Thing, Oddities or Just Fun Stuff

8/14/04 - Hey everybody, look what is back! Wacky Packs! This was a very fun thing in elementary school. See http://www.wackypackages.com I must admit, I wish I could see the originals.

7/20/04 - Anybody in Sussex County sending their children to Soccer Camp. I'm looking for a place and would love to know what other parents are doing. Also looking for Music instruction and Art. Please drop me a line if you have any tips.

3/19/04 - Scenes from a Snowy Day

Yikes, look what we found in our basement today! The nice folks at Lollipop Farm helped us identify it. It turned out to be an Eastern Milk Snake. It was still a baby and harmless (about 1 foot long). We, of course, released it in our backyard.

Toby & I (80K jpg). Toby (17K jpg) in his bed and another of Toby and me (15K jpg) some years back.

The history of Cows in Ascii and a collection of jokes. (thanks Doug, Samy and Rob!) Last modified February 10, 1997.

Here's a list of sequences for special characters in HTML and FTP SITES for alot of commonly used Unix tools.

Rob, Mark, Cathleen and Linda at Mohonk.

Overrun with a tremdous overload of cucumbers? Here's a simple great recipe for 24 hour pickles, fast, clean and easy!

Dad celebrated his 60th Birthday in his hometown of Goebrichen, Germany. Here are a few photos from the Big Event!

Of course I have photos of the boys online! :-) We start with Joshua at about 1 year. Justin makes his appearance a five pages in. See the latest...Joshua's 3rd Birthday Party and a few photos from the summer.

It's finally here...check out the Robert L. Scott Photography Website!

Joshua and Justin are enjoying life at the warm and enriched environment of the Deer Path Montessori School in Flanders, NJ. I am thrilled to have such a great place for them begin their education experience. The question is, where do we go from here???

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