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John R. Lawrora | |
Nearly two years ago I formed the German-American World Historical Society. Like you, I am interested in keeping the German culture alive in the United States and around the world. I do, however, put other articles in the website that are of a non-German nature, as I also want to let the world know that there are other cultures worth perusing. My family originated from Posen, Kingdom of Prussia, and I was raised by my maternal grandparents. I enjoyed looking at your site. I can never hope that my site will be as good as yours, but I am trying. Keep up the good work Cindy; you are one of a kind. Long live the German people and their wonderful culture. And long live you and your family, Cindy. The world needs more people interested in German Culture and History, as you are.
24 September 2005 - 3161 Kennedy Blvd., Suite 103, North Bergen, NJ 07047

Barbara Hartmann | |
One of our club members has been trying to notify you of changes is some of the German American clubs in Florida. As yet I have not seen the changes. What is the problem???
23 September 2005 - Florida

Webmaster comments   The problem is good help is hard to find. :-) Actually, my two little children had me running around in circles this summer. Now that preschool is back in session, I (hopefully) have my wits again. Thank you for your patience.

This is one of the coolest places but i still don't know who Martin Schwarzschild is i mean all i know is that he was a space dude and that really doesn't help me out at all really and if anyone know anything tell me please b/c i seriously need the help.....Thanks...bye!!!!!!!
14 September 2005 - Northeast Arkansas

Ed |
Great website. Especially the list of German restaurants and reviews of them in the USA. I found one restaurant on your list in NYC I never knew about "Loreley".
12 September 2005 - NJ

Roland | |
Hallo Ihr Lieben,

ich finde Eure Arbeit toll, weiter so! Leider haben sich Deutschland und die USA politisch etwas voneinander entfernt, doch es kommen wieder bessere Zeiten ;-) Wünsche vor Allem allen Betroffenen in Louisiana alles Gute, nicht aufgeben, Ihr schafft es!
Gruß Roland
5 September 2005 - Deutschland

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