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Does anyone know the results from the Gau in Hershey?
25 June 2007 - PA

Dieter Heitmann Germany | |
vom 08. September bis zum 1. Oktober musizieren wir beim Oktoberfest im "Alpine Village", Torrance, CA. und freuen uns auf Euren Besuch !
24 June 2007 - Deutschland

Jim and Nancy in Tulsa
Hi, wanted to pass on about 3 different restaurants.

Margaret's on Sheridan Avenue in Tulsa is nasty, they serve what a hot dog slinger thinks is German. Highly NOT recommended, run far far away.

There is another one in Jefferson City MO called Das Steinhaus, 1436 Southridge Dr., Jefferson City, MO, (573) 634-3869. I thought about kidnapping the owner and his staff, and forcing them to open a restaurant in Tulsa. Best German food we've had since leaving Germany. They also have a fine wine store in premise. The place is inside an old house, with a grubby whitewash exterior, but the inside is decorated like you'd expect a Baron to live in. Service there was the best I've had at any restaurant at any price. Excellent, worth a drive from Tulsa just to have dinner.

Third one is decent to mediocre, Heyka's Heimat, web site The food is good enough but overpriced for what it is. They do serve some German beers. This is nice place for lunch but not a night on the town.

Happy dining!
16 June 2007 - Tulsa OK

Webmaster comments   Thank you for your comments. I will add to the restaurant section.


Norbert Krawiec | |
Hallo. Ich Grüße alle Nordlichter da drüben. Und wer ein wenig Sehnsucht nach der Nordsee hat kann auf meiner Homepage in Videos gucken, wie es in Büsum/Schleswig-Holstein jetzt so aussieht.
7 June 2007 - Germany, Büsum, Schleswig-Holstein

Will Benware | |
I am doing research on the use of German on the Pacific Coast, 1840-1940. I am looking for records kept in German from various organizations. I'd be especially interested in when the switch was made to English and why.
15 May 2007 - University of California, Davis

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