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Hjördis´Mom |
Hi everybody!

Can anybody tell me how to move to the US? My sister lives in texas/harker heights. She´s permanent resident. My Mom, my husband me and my daughter are still in germany/bavaria.
I was not able to find any sure information about what to do.
It would be nice, if somebody could help me.

thank u and many, many greetings from germany!
19 July 2007 - thalmassing in germany

Robin Coleman | |
Cornell University Press has published a book titled "Becoming German: the 1709 Palatine Migration to New York"

It speaks to the formation of a unified German identity in America, though the migrants would not have seen themselves as such until their arrival. Their German culture survived mainly due to their refusal to blend into the British culture of colonial America.

You'll get a lot out of this book if you are interested in early German culture in America, or if you're interested in the experience of your German ancestors (they either came with these people, or followed the path they created).

You can buy it on Amazon or Cornell's website.
12 July 2007 - Ithaca, NY

First Matchmaker | |
I build the bridge of Love between the US and Germany. Please visit my website and find your true love-across the atlantic.
7 July 2007 - Berlin

Francis Medaris |
I'm looking for anyone whose ancestor came from Hohenloh, Germany. Or anyone who knows the location and/or perhaps the history of Hohenloh. Thanks.
29 June 2007

Judy and Tom |
Regarding Heyka's Heimat in Broken Arrow, OK, we found the food good and the prices very reasonable. Our German exchange student with us confirmed its authenticity. We'll gladly visit again and plan to take our next German student there for a "taste of home."
26 June 2007 - Muskogee, OK

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