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Ellen (Fabio) King |
I really enjoyed looking at your website. Like Risa said, great job on the pictures. I am sorry I missed the reunion as I was on vacation in Mexico that week. Hope to see more pictures soon.

7 December 2004 - Colonia, NJ

Webmaster comments   Thanks for the note! Mexico is a great place to be right about now! I'm adding the photos as I receive them. Hope to hear from you again soon...Cindy

Risa (Glass) Desmarais |
Oh my! You are truly a master! I am so impressed with your site! Great pictures from now & then. The reunion was a lot of fun. Can't begin to remember why I had an eye patch?! I will forward more photos to you sometime soon - before the end of the week. Hope all is well with you - your children are beautiful!
Long-lost schoolmate -
30 November 2004 - MA by Day, NH by Night

Webmaster comments   Hi Risa!
So nice to hear from you. Sure looks like everyone enjoyed the reunion. I look forward seeing your photos. I wish I could remember the story about the patch too...for some strange reason I can recall alot of things from those days, but the patch eludes me. KIT! Cindy

paul hutasoit |
hi... i have a request and i hope u can do me a favor. do u have a lyric from LUGEN NICHT which sing by ROY ETZEL and released and the of 1980. thank you for your attention.
9 October 2004 - indonesia

Webmaster comments   If anybody browsing through the happens to be able to help Paul out, please send me an email. Unfortunately I don't have the requested lyrics. Thank you! Cindy

Grace Cuming
just found your site while looking for german Christmas carols I learnt in school many years ago. I hope to teach one to my class of seven and eight year olds to sing at a Music day with other schools. Good site and I hope to visit again. Thanks. Auf Wiedersehen.
15 September 2004 - Belfast, Northern Ireland

Art Markman | |
Wow, great to see pictures of people from JPS. Doesn't seem like 20 years ago until you see the hairstyles...
6 September 2004 - Austin, Texas

Webmaster comments   Hi Art,

Thanks for the note! Yes the hair styles are quite humorous! Thanks for sharing the photos on your website. I do remember you and you look very much the same...although a tad blonder. :-) I added your email and page to the JPS list. The interest in the page and photos ebbs and flows, like most things in life I guess.

Have a great summer!

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