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Rick Leibowitz | |
Cindy, great website and thanks for taking the time to share memories with your fellow classmates...wish I could have made it to the reunion...looked like it was a blast!
20 January 2005 - Palmer, Alaska

Donna Keenan Smith |
The reunion looked like a good time. There were a lot of people there that I would have love to have seen. I guess I will have to look forward to the next one. Great job with all the pictures.
16 January 2005 - Middletown NJ

Marcy Hersh Wyatt |
Hey Cindy,
Great web site and great photos. I love how you put the year book pictures underneath. Will send some old and new photos along to you soon. Hello to everyone it was great seeing you all.
12 January 2005 - Amherst, Massachusetts

Webmaster comments   Hi Marcy,
Thanks for the note. I look forward to seeing your photos. As you see, you are already featured in so many folks photos. I fondly recall our John Adams Soccer Team days and Coach Kupcha!

My best, Cindy

Delores (Wade) Groomes | |
Thanks again for the site. I saw Debbie Gruber at the reunion and didn't get her info. Anyone has it...please contact me. The reunion was great...all I didn't see, I sure did miss ya all these years! Where the hell is Michael Carbo?
9 January 2005 - Stilson, Ga. (in between Savannah, and Statesboro, Ga)

Debbie Schmaler |
Hi Cindy.

Its been a long long time. I often think about some of the times I had with you, jackie z. and sue( cant remember her last name). It was fun. I cant believe the website you had created. It is really really good. If I come across any photos I will forward them on. I am sure I do.
7 December 2004 - two years ago I moved to PA from NJ

Webmaster comments   We did have alot of fun times! I am trying to recall who Sue is though...I have these fun scribble sheets in a scrapbook that we used to create on our evenings of "hanging out". Hope to hear from you again soon!

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