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Robin | |
You have a great web site. Please add our Schuhplattler Verein to your list G.T.V. Edelweiss - Reading from Pennsylvania we are the hosts for the 21. Gaufest June 21 - 24, 2007 that will be held in HERSHEY, PA
20 July 2005

Lorane |
u dont happen to have the aong on file being sung with the words
i find it easier
18 July 2005 - bc canada

Lorane |
hi i am on the look out for the song Heidi with the words as this was my father's favorite song that he liked me to sing for him.
14 July 2005 - British Columbia Canada

Webmaster comments   Hi Lorane,
Take a look at
Happy Yodeling!

Tara |
Hi Cazoo,
Ottmar Mergenthaler was my great 5*grandfather. If any of you know alot of information on him, i'd love to know it. Thanks!
Tara Mergenthaler
5 July 2005 - New York (United States)

Webmaster comments   Dear Tara,
Coincidently, I just saw an article about Ottmar Mergenthaler in "Das Fenster" Magazine. Are you able to read German?
Kindest Regards,

Helen |
Cindy, your site is just Wunderbar! and
you deserve so much credit for tackling such a BIG job. Thank you so
much for your heartfelt desire to keep the German-ness alive in (at least) the
Western nations. I have a friend in Portugal who lives in a German community there..which was established over 300 years ago. He has created a German cultural museum, and wishes to establish one in the Azores too! I find that just fantastic. He feels that the German culture is worthy of retaining since, in Germany, their culture is not addressed with so many foreigners making up a big percentage of the population. friend will keep it alive. If anyone is interested in his address, I'd be glad to share it. Also, anyone that would like to correspond with me about things German, I'd love it. My parents were born in Hamburg and in Stuttgart. They are no longer with us, but their solid love for their heritage has been passed on to me.

Thanks, Cindy!
4 July 2005 - Folsom (in the sunny state of )California

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