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Ingrid Dehner | |
Hi, I enjoyed the site, but don't know how to find elderly social services info for my tante&onkel in Warwick. They are reaaly in need of help and I live in Florida. Does anyone know the name of an organization that might be able to help me find them help caring for themselves? Thank you, ingrid
22 March 2008 - Atlantic Beach Florida

Thomas Guthoff | |
Hallo Leute,

erst mal einen netten gruß aus old germany. wenn ihr mal eine richtig gute tanzband braucht, kann ich euch LITTLE JUKEBOX ans herz legen. infos findet ihr unter

liebe grüße
28 January 2008 - germany

Sonja Carpenter | |
Hi, weiss jemand ob es in Chicago ider in der Naehe einen Deutsche Verein gibt?Suche Kontakt zu deutsche Jugendlichen.
Viele gruesse aus IL
15 January 2008 - Il,

crystal jones |
i was grateful enough to find the "du du" song on your web sight. this song has defiantly changed over the 4 generations in my family as a bed time lullaby. i was hoping that someone might be able to help me find perhaps a cd. its a little hard getting the true fill for the pronunciation since i cant read german. lol. hoping to be a mothers day gift to bring back memories of her mother. thanks
8 January 2008 - twin falls, idaho usa

Donna J. Lippert (Michigan) | |
looking for bands to play at our German Club DANK in Benton Harbor
24 December 2007

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